As we enter March 2021, we near a complete year of Covid. To say our lives have changed would be an understatement.

I have written in the past about those changes we all have had to make. Zoom meetings, working from home, quarantines and Covid tests are commonplace in our lives. Just a year ago we had none of these things other than an occasional Zoom meeting. We could argue that change is good. I actually believe there is most good in change even in forced change as we have seen.

The question is, what have we done to change ourselves to adapt to the many different things in our lives?

Have we taken a course while we have been at home working. Maybe a course in technology? Maybe a course on child care or teaching? Maybe a course on gardening? How about an exercise program through the new technologies like Peloton?

I believe our work environment is changed just as our homes have changed. Have you created an office in your home that is truly functional? Have you spoken to your boss about the possibility of you working from home. How about making an exercise place at the office?

My point is this, as leaders what are we doing to provide leadership and vision in our Companies?

Have we done a survey of our employees? Ask them how they are doing at work and in their homes. Ask what has changed in their lives. I know much has changed in my life.

My business partner lost his Mom to Covid. One of my best friends lost his Father to Covid. My 86 year old mother has been afraid to do anything and I have not seen her in almost a year because she and I are afraid I might get her sick. Things have changed! Great leaders will make the changes needed to guide their organizations with a vision to better times. Not so great leaders will find themselves on the outside looking in. Be a great leader. Your people will thrive because of you.

Best regards,

David M.O’Donnell, LUTCF


The Patriot Financial Group