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CMEA Business Services

Information, research and business solutions provided by CMEA staff and their affiliates.

Human Resource Audits

Identify and assess the strengths and/or potential liabilities of your human resource functions with a comprehensive HR compliance audit.

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Employee Handbook and Policy Development

Employees appreciate an up-to-date description of your company's general employment and benefit policies - but you want to be careful that you aren't unwittingly committing your company to unintended obligations. We can review and/or update your present handbook, or write a new one for you.

Affirmative Action/EEO Services

Assistance with Affirmative Action Plan development, EEO and AA training, and compliance with employment laws... more info

Exit Interviews

Solicit feedback from exiting employees through structured written or verbal surveys on factors which typically influence job satisfaction. The results will help with your efforts to reduce costly turnover.

Group Health Insurance Solutions

To stay competitive and to attract quality employees you must offer a benefits program at least equal to your competitors. There is a maze of options produced by insurance vendors, and as a small or mid-sized business you may lack the resources or the negotiating clout that bigger companies have to help control health insurance costs.

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